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Have you ever used an online dating site and had bad results? What I mean is you sign up for an account with the hope and promise of meeting gadis hongkong telanjang special. You look through the profiles and respond to several interesting, beautiful ladies. You go back several days later and see that no one has responded to your emails. In fact you see that many of them were "read deleted". What can you do to up your response rate? There are changes you can make to your biographical information. There are things you can do to your photo. Finally there is a secret email formula that I always use that often gets me more than 50% response rate. Would you like to have results like that? When you write a profile you should remember that in essence this is a sales letter. You need to make a pitch for yourself that will cause the other person to be interested enough to respond to your posting. When you talk about yourself your profile should be between 10-20 lines. When I say lines I mean short, to the point statements. No one wants to read extensive stuff about you. The profile is a teaser that should cause a person to want to know more about gadis telanjang.